There’s a NEW petition, citing Congressman Todd Young’s 2014 intervention in the federal licensing process for permission to rebuild Williams Dam and generate hydropower there. And also, the failure of the US Fish & Wildlife Service to at least mandate fish passage at the project. We’re petitioning Senator Joe Donnelly to:

  1. Expose and provide any further evidence of political meddling in FERC’s processing of this application (FERC # P-13346), particularly by Congressman Todd Young and/or his staff;
  2. Determine what other violations or poor practices may have occurred among the various federal agencies involved with this application, particularly those leading to the decision by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to neglect its duty to prescribe the construction, operation and maintenance of fishways in this project;
  3. Take urgent action on the request, by signers of this petition, that steps be taken to fully insure the health and integrity of the East Fork White River ecosystem, particularly by allowing or installing fish passage on the river at Williams, Indiana.

Please go to: (full version)
Please go to: (shortened version on
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About fishindiana

I'm an environmentalist who started FISH: Fishable Indiana Streams for Hoosiers.
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