Save the Ohio River Basin Lake Sturgeon #INlakesturgeon

FISH (Fishable Indiana Streams for Hoosiers, Inc.) is proposing removal of Williams Dam in order to:
1. Enhance the habitat and viability of the remnant population of Ohio River basin lake sturgeon which exists in about 50 miles of the East Fork White River below the dam; and 2. Provide new recreation and business opportunities in the village of Williams, Indiana and the vicinity.


In May 2018 the Center for Biological Diversity petitioned the federal government  to protect lake sturgeon under the Endangered Species Act (ESA).

In the Fall of 2018 the hydropower company surrendered its license to generate electricity at Williams Dam.

On May 29, 2019, the Center for Biological Diversity was joined by FISH, Hoosier Environmental Council, and Illinois Environmental Council in sending a Notice of Intent to sue the federal government for not responding to the lake sturgeon petition of the year prior. You can access the Notice at this link:

On August 14, 2019, the Center for Biological Diversity announced that the federal government is considering Endangered Species Act  protection for the lake sturgeon:

The federal government’s finding was published in the Federal Register on August 15, along with a request for public comment:

We are currently monitoring the progress of the US Fish and Wildlife Service’s progress regarding their plans for the lake sturgeon, while considering our next steps to ensure compliance with the ESA.

Please Contribute to and Share Our Fundraiser!

FISH has started a GoFundMe campaign to finance the initial stages of the work to save Indiana’s lake sturgeon. #INlakesturgeon

Please see full details of our proposal, and what we’re trying to do for Indiana’s lake sturgeon, at:

Please consider donating, and it would be a big help if you can share the campaign with your friends and colleagues. There are “sharing” links on the campaign page. Thank you!

Gary W. Moody
Director, Fishable Indiana Streams for Hoosiers, Inc. (FISH) @FISHIndiana


About fishindiana

I'm an environmentalist who started FISH: Fishable Indiana Streams for Hoosiers.
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