Free The River is a project of:

Fishable Indiana Streams for Hoosiers, Inc. (FISH)
PO Box 11007
Indianapolis, IN 46201

In early 2014, FISH petitioned the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to reverse its finding of “no significant impact” in its Environmental Assessment review of Free Flow Power’s application to reinstall hydroelectric generators in Williams Dam. That state-owned dam, in Williams, IN, has been blocking the East Fork White River since 1912, and last generated electricity in 1958. It is the very model of a “deadbeat dam” – an artifact of a bygone era which serves no worthwhile purpose while continuing to damage the ecosystem of the river. Most importantly, the last remnant of the genetically-distinct population of lake sturgeon which once inhabited the Ohio River watershed is now found ONLY directly below Williams Dam, in Lawrence and Martin counties. One extreme drought, one chemical disaster, and they could become extinct. We want them to be free to live and reproduce upstream, which is what they try to do every year, but the dam blocks them! Despite FERC’s issuance of a hydropower license, we have continued to fight for the river! We have given a petition with over 1000 signatures to Senator Donnelly, asking for his assistance in protecting the sturgeon and other threatened and endangered species in the river. On August 7, 2018, we achieved a great victory for the river when the hydropower licensee informed FERC that it is surrendering its license! The State of Indiana owns Williams Dam, on behalf of all Hoosiers, and there should be NO more hydropower schemes involving Williams Dam! In 2004, prior to the Daniels administration, the state had decided to REMOVE Williams Dam. Let’s do it, let’s save the lake sturgeon, and restore the East Fork White River! Join us!

Like us on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/FISHindiana.org/




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